Skewers Of Temecula.
​Skewers Of Temecula is a family owned and operated restaurant, where you are served as a guest, and you can taste home styled authentic Afghan food.
Our mission is to serve healthy and freshly prepared food, and everything we make is cooked on the spot, so our customer would taste the freshest skewered kabobs.
Featured Items​
​We also Offer Catering for any size events wheather its a office meeting, baby shower, family get together, reception or a wedding. we will serve your guest better than they been served before.
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Chicken Kabob with Salad
Chicken Kabob Wrap
Chicken and Beef Kabob Plate With Rice
Chapli Kabob Plate with Rice
Beef Kobida Kabob
Manto (Afghan style beef Dumpling)
​all appetizers are made fresh and goes well with any order

Shor Nakhod
​(Garbanozo beans with patato and chatni)

Afghan Aush Soup
​ (noodles, vegitables, sauce sparkled with dill)


All skewered kabob plates are served with Basmati rice, fresh salad, warm afghan bread, and a side of chatni or yougurt.

​​Chicken Kabob

​B​​​​eef kabob 

Lamb Kabob

Salmon Kabob


Chapli Kabob

Spicy Chicken Kobida

Beef Kobida​​​​

Combo Plate​​​​​
(any Two different kinds of skewers of your choice)​

Authentic Afghan dishes served with yogurt or chatni

(Afghan Style beef Dumpling)

(Unleaved flat bread filled with mashed patato)​

Any skewer of you choice wrapped in a warm pita bread, with fresh vegetables, and side of chatni and yougurt.​

Chicken Kabob Wrap

Beef Kabob Wrap

Beef Kobida Wrap

Lamb Kabob Wrap

Salmon Kabob Wrap

​Gyro Kabob Wrap​​​​​​​

Chapli Kabob Wrap

Spicy Chicken Kobida

Beef Kobida​​​​

Make any wrap into a salad with no additional cost. 

​Fresh baked Baklava
Rice Pudding


Doogh (yogurt drink)
Bottled Drinks
Hot Tea
Soft Drinks​​​